Countries That Produce the Best Swimmers

The international swimming association is considered the official organization that manages to administer and organize international swimming competitions for the IOC (International Olympic Committee). It was only during the 19th century that competitive swimming started to attract attention on a global level.

Swimming now forms part of the Summer Olympics, allowing swimmers to participate in 16 different Olympic events. You will find four different swimming styles that are utilized on an international scale, including butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. The winter and fall season events use 25-meter pools, while summer and spring season events occur in 50-meter pools.

The rankings we included below are all gold medal titles that were accomplished in the Olympic Games, and FINA World Championships by countries in all disciplines since the very first national team participated in swimming events.

United States

America impresses with a total of 462 titles when it comes to international swimming competitions which include medals from the Summer Olympic Games. The official body regulating swimming in the country is known as USA Swimming. With headquarters in Colorado Springs, it takes care of all aspects when it comes to the sport, such as sports medicine programs and fundraising. It also takes care of all levels, ranging from international and local to the Olympics.


The West, East, and unified German teams have managed to win a total of 1456 titles when it comes to international swimming competitions. This includes open water swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, and diving. Swimmers from unified Germany managed to win medals in 1964, 1960, and 1956 Summer Olympics.


China has participated in international swimming competitions for the longest time and managed to claim a total of 140 titles in both the FINA World Championships and the Summer Olympics. China initially started participating on an international scale in 1852. In 1957, the Chinese Swimming Association was formed with headquarters situated in Beijing.


Australia has managed to win a total of 136 titles when it comes to swimming on an international level and is commonly know as the dolphins when you talk about the swimming team in Australia. The organization that takes care of regulating the sport is known as Swimming Australia and was initially established back in 1909 with headquarters in Belconnen.


The Russian Federation that once fell under the USSR banner, along with multiple Soviet Socialist Republics, have managed to compete in numerous international swimming events at the Summer Olympics and claimed a total of 115 titles. The organization that takes care of swimmers on a global level is known as the Russian Swimming Federation.


Hungary currently has a total of 56 titles when it comes to competitive swimming. The Hungarian Swimming Federation takes care of the regulation of the sport on both an international and local level. Because the land does not have any ocean, public pools are incredibly popular in the country for swimmers to practice.


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