Daytona 500 Injury with First Lap Crash


February 24, 2020



Injuries can be severe when you’re a professional motorsport driver, with this being proven against at the 2020 Daytona 500. During the 1st lap of this infamous race, Ryan Newman was part of the significant crash that unfolded. It saw him suffer a significant head injury, with details on the results on this injury not being provided. Subsequently, the time table for Ryan Newman’s return to NASCAR racing is unknown.

The Newman Family provided statements for Ryan, where he expressed that he’d, fortunately, avoided any broken bones or internal organ damage. Instead, I’ve sustained a head injury that I’m currently receiving treatment for and doctors are pleased with my recent progressions. The statements uttered by the Newman Family indicate that Ryan could return sooner than expected.

Ryan Newman is employed with Roush Fenway Racing, with them expressing that the unfortunate circumstances began with Ryan Newman was leading the pack on the 1st lap. After cars began to close-in on his position, an opponent-error forced him to be thrown into the wall. The impact sent him airborne and then rolling, causing him to be trapped inside the vehicle until rescue worked could relieve him from this unexpected bondage. After immediately being freed, Ryan was rushed to the Daytona Beach Hospital and has been cleared with non-life threatening conditions.

The Future for Newman

Ryan Newman provided additional statements through Roush Fenway Racing. He apologized for not being in the physical condition to remain at the track and support his teammates while wishing the best of luck to his teammate, Ross Chastain. He’ll now compete in the #6 Ford Card at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, competing for Ryan Newman until his medical condition is suitable for racing. It should be noted this breaks the incredible streak of Newman’s 649 starts; he was one number away from 650.

Roush Fenway Racing said it’s now the goal for Ryan Newman to become medically fit before the 2020 Cup Championship. Considering that the playoff season is far from now and that he’s been cleared with non-life threating conditions, it’s expected that Newman will return far before the championship events. We will keep our readers informed on any updates regarding Ryan Newman’s medical condition and his return to NASCAR Racing.


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