FlySafair Partners with Emirates on Interline Agreement


November 17, 2020



Tourists worldwide are beginning to receive more options for travelling during the Covid-19 Era. Most nations were evoking travel restrictions for the first six-to-eight months after March 2020. However, regulations are being eliminated to upheaval tourism industries back into prominent profits. New partnerships with international corporations are being formed to sustain higher growth & increased air-travel.

That was proven with the announcement that Emirates Airlines and FlySafair are entering an “Interline Agreement” for South Africa. Details of their agreement detail that connecting flights from the Middle East to South Africa & various other destinations will be permitted. It’s one of the first partnership announcement of connecting flights since Covid-19 became an international pandemic in March 2020.

Connecting flights weren’t the exclusive announcement with this partnership. An increased volume of domestic flights is being permitted for South Africa, with “Gateway Hubs” receiving direct routes for lower costs. Consumers subsequently receive the ease associated with single ticket travelling & thorough baggage checks. Gateway hubs supported with domestic flights in South African include:

  • George.
  • East London.
  • Cape Town.
  • Durban.
  • Johannesburg.
  • Port Elizabeth.

Domestic flights are coinciding with international departures & arrivals. This means that tourists from the United Emirates will find one-way tickets from South Africa to Dubai at any of the listed Gateway Hubs. It should be clarified that Emirates Airlines hasn’t announced any new flight routes for South Africa or Dubai since October 8th. It appears with this announcement that Emirates Airlines are ready to resume growing operations during the Covid Era.

It should be clarified that Emirates Airlines is enforcing multiple safety measures when travelling locally in South Africa, or internationally to Dubai. It’s demanded that travellers wear protective coverings at all-times & sanitize their hands frequently. This is the exclusive method to ensure the plane’s cabin doesn’t experience an infection. To date, United Emirates hasn’t announced any outbreaks on their government-established airline.


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