Justin Bieber Praises Hockey


February 18, 2020



Canada is considered to be one of the infamous locations for hockey, with a large percentage of players enrolling their children into various programs across the country. It’s the most prominent sport in Canada, with national teams having annual viewing of 2.5 million households. Parents have spent large quantities of money for their children to have skating lessons, which extends to strategic lessons for offensive and defensive play. There are moments when the children are fouled in these matches, but the lessons learned are never forgotten, with these parents themselves having players hockey at a young age.

Playing hockey at young ages teaches children an exceptional level of coordination, more than any other sports that are popular in Canada. The youth must compile all their knowledge of skating, shooting, defensive checking and offensive passing. This all must be done while locating the puck and controlling your hockey stick. It’s considered to be one of the most informative sports in North America, with analysts starting it stimulates educational growth more than basketball or baseball.

This doesn’t dispute the quality of these two sporting events but indicates that Canadian parents are best spending their money on hockey lessons; it ultimately provides more benefits to the children. It should be noted that hockey is one of the most proactive and action-oriented sports on the global scale, with Rugby and Martial Arts being the only sporting events that dominate over Canada’s national game. When playing hockey there are minimal moments of rest, unlike basketball or baseball, which often see delayed responses from little action.

National Icon Provides Public Support to Hockey

Parents are being urged by a national hockey to promote their children into hockey, allowing them to thrive and grow with new friendships. This sport-wide sponsorship came from Justin Bieber after he appeared on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”, where he provided the host with an introductory lesson for hockey. It saw international hockey supporters see the skillsets Justin Bieber acquired after 10+ of minor league hockey.

Most weren’t aware that the Canadian pop star had even played hockey, entering the AA+ League in Canada. Bieber has always expressed that if he hadn’t become famous through music, he would’ve through the NHL. When engaging with Jimmy Fallon, this young superstar showed him standard skating-techniques and stickhandling drills. After considerable training, the two completed a shootout, where Justin Bieber came out victorious.


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