Lando Norris Preparing for F1 Return

Formula One CEO, Chase Carey, confirmed in late May that the 2020 season would be initiated by July. Austria has been the selected circuit for the initial Grand Prix, with Australia axed because of travelling restrictions associated with COVID-19. Multiple drivers have expressed their excitement towards returning to racing, with none more evident than Lando Norris. He’s provided regular updates regarding his training for the upcoming season, indicating that he’s maintain testing under his previous F3 Race Car. Lando is also engaging with fast-paced karts, all in effort to reformulate his skillsets for the McLaren MCL35.

Confirmation regarding his testing with Carlin Racing came after motorsport photographers saw Lando Norris in his former cockpit. McLaren F1 permitted the testing with Carlin Racing, which took the British Driver towards championship victory in Formula Two and Three. Silverstone was the selected location for this testing session, with Norris living five minutes from the circuit & McLaren F1 Headquarters. Engineers behind Lando assisted with this testing phase, taking critical points of data that could better help the British McLaren driver in honing his skillsets before July.

The F1 Nation Podcast

Lando Norris provided his confirmation announced through the June 5th Episode of F1 Nation. He mentioned that this strategy prepares his younger body for the upcoming races. Considering that Lando Norris is 20 years old, his physical structure cannot maintain muscle mass for prolonged periods. Adults like Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen are better suited to hold their muscle structure until the next season. Considering that July 5th is less than a month away, Lando Norris has considerable muscle tone to build in a short period.

The McLaren F1 Driver mentioned that competitors that don’t implement similar tactics would find themselves struggling to manage the associated G-Forces. Most drivers in Formula One lose an average of ten pounds per race from the cars incredible speed, which places physical exertion onto competitors through the G-Forces. Refusing to reformulate the body towards these conditions will see upwards of 25+ pounds being lost, which could enforce a blackout onto these drivers during the race. They’d lose control of their vehicles & possibly lose their lives. Under these noteworthy sentiments, it’s expected that all ten F1 Teams will demand that drivers train themselves before July 5th.


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