Madeira Launches Christmas Campaign


November 24, 2020



The European Union is home to some of our planet’s most stunning & mysterious destinations, prompting millions worldwide to traverse the expansive region for unique cultural opportunities. Covid-19 eliminated multiple opportunities associated with travelling the European Union. However, restrictions are beginning to slowly be lifted. Multiple nations are permitting tourists to cross their borders with Negative PCR Covid Tests, and Covid-19 Travel Insurance. The latest country to impose these measures to relaunch their international tourism market is Madeira, an unknown region of Europe that sustains the most stunning beaches & culture permitted across the Union.

Madeira has struggled substantially during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with tourism profits dropping tenfold. It’s unsurprising when considering that almost every nation has seen monetary gains depleted in 2020. The archipelago is expected to recover almost immediately, with Madeira being one of Europe’s most highly requested destinations. For tourists in the Americas & Asia, the region is unknown but will likely become more famous in the Post-Covid Era.

Gaining the attention of tourists often isn’t easily accomplished for tourism-heavy nations. However, Madeira Promotion Bureau is launching a specialized advertisement campaign to increase their prominence throughout Europe. That campaign is named “It’s Time for a Different Christmas – Madeira”. Island officials hope that tourists will visit their region for a specialized New Years Eve & Christmas, which will be unlike anything those individuals have experienced before. That’s because Madeira have their respective traditions that’ve been passed down through numerous generations.

UK Not Allowed

One notable region that Madeira relies on for tourism won’t be permitted to enter their borders until December 15th, with the United Kingdom not allowing vacationing tourists to leave the country. Individuals must maintain a viable reason for their travelling, with business & healthcare being the two options usually accepted. Madeira hopes through this campaign that additional markets will be opened-up to their unique services & gorgeous beaches.


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