Mattia Binotto Angers Toto Wolff

F1 rivalries go beyond the drivers & extend towards the team bosses, with opposing leaders often angering each other with sentiments of poor performance. This was proven again through the most prominent team boss rivalry in F1, Mattia Binotto & Toto Wolff. It began when the Scuderia Ferrari Team Boss Mattia Binotto remarked that all “Power Unit Manufacturers” in Formula One had been drastically affected by COVID-19 & the updated FIA Technical Directives for 2020. Mattia hoped this would excuse the slow speeds seen with the SF1000 in 2020.

Scuderia Ferrari is losing fans rapidly after maintaining a vehicle that’s conventionally placing in the Mid-Grid. This comes after their most successful year in recent memory, winning at circuits in Italy & Belgium. Scuderia Ferrari even won at Singapore & maintained six back-to-back pole positions. Their pace difference from 2019 to 2020 is significantly worse, giving Leclerc & Vettel poor performing vehicles. There’s also the added negative of both these drivers quickly becoming enemies, subsequently attacking each other over the last two seasons.

Mattia Binotto clarified that FIA Technical Directives forced manufacturers into development corners, meaning pace would be slower. His excuse wouldn’t explain the increased speeds seen with Williams F1 and Haas. Suspicious in the F1 Hungaroring Paddock suggested that Scuderia Ferrari lost access to their specialized fuel used last year after Circuit of the Americas. It’d explain their notable pace difference, losing to teams like McLaren & Alpha Tauri.

The Lies of Mattia & Responses of Toto

Scuderia Ferrari’s Team Boss indicated that his development team are adapting to the new FIA Technical Directives. Mattia Binotto then stated that all manufacturers were forced to adjust & have struggled this year subsequently. Toto Wolff didn’t appreciate these statements, saying that Mattia is telling a bulls**t story and trying to disregard their slower pace in 2020. Toto remarked that the FIA Technical Directives have clear regulations that worked within former technologies used in Formula One. Mercedes Team Boss states that Scuderia Ferrari wouldn’t be having these issues today if they’d obeyed the regulation standards in 2019, an apparent reference to the illegal fuel used by Ferrari that garnered their podium victories.


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