NASCAR Driver Finds Noose in Garage

Bubba Wallace has experienced a traumatic shock after competing at NASCARs Alabama Race. This shock was presented in Bubbas Garage, with a Noose tied above his racing vehicle. Anger amongst NASCAR Racists has been targeted towards Bubba Wallace, with the African American Driver successfully having the Confederate Flag banned from NASCAR Venues. NASCAR Executives understood that fans coming to events with this flag represents systemic & open racism against African Americans. Considering how many corporations & sporting associating have been enlightened since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it’s not surprising that NASCAR approved the banning.

June 21st marked the first date this banning came into effect. Bubba Wallace & executives prepared themselves mentally for the considerable backlash against their decision. Neither parties were anticipating that a fellow driver or competing team member would hang a noose above Bubba’s vehicle. The response that NASCAR Executives how shown in the hours since this event was reported to have been of vengeance. Whoever committed this action won’t find their career in NASCAR over but in motorsports across the board. Formal investigations have been issued & this individual will be caught.

NASCAR Representatives issued statements to the wrongful community that engages with their sport. It was clarified that executives are outraged & are taking this heinous act more seriously that stateable. Representatives then reiterated that NASCAR wouldn’t tolerate racism under any conditions, that this act of hatred has made their resolve to make their motorsport inclusive for all nationalities.

Challenges await NASCAR in their goal to make their motorsport inclusive. This was proven amongst their racist fans, who drove outside the Alabama Track with Confederate Flags on their back windows. Flags were flown outside the window & chants against African Americans could be heard. Most of these ignorant civilians from Alabama were Caucasian & Donald Trump Supporters, hitting all the stigmas associated with rednecks.

Bubba Wallace Issues Public Statement

Twitter was the outlet Bubba Wallace selected to comment on what happened to him. The NASCAR Driver noted that this act of hatred has left him saddened & reminded him how much further America must push forward in their society. He clarified that the actions of this racist individual haven’t broken him, that he’ll never given up & will continue to stand for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Bubba Wallace now eagerly awaits when this individual is brought to light, being branded as a racist & terminated from all motorsports.


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