NBA Commissioner Issues Memo on Racist Tensions in America

Adam Silver, the National Basketball Association Commission, released an internal memo to all employed personnel with the NBA. This memo related to the great racial tensions seen throughout the United States of America, possibly concerning Adam Silver about the internal operations of professional basketball. These tensions were sparked alive again when Minneapolis Law Enforcement murdered George Floyd, with a single officer pressing his knee into the neck of this African American Male.

This innocent civilian couldn’t breathe or protect himself amongst multiple bystanders, who instead films & photographed the murder instead of assisting George Floyd. Those individuals have had their identities kept secret during the violent protests, avoiding their likely deaths. The officer himself has been charged with Third-Degree Murder & will face minimal prison time. Activists backlashed law enforcement in Minneapolis for not giving this officer a First-Degree Murder charge.

Unnecessary Deaths

The Associated Press received the memo from an inside source in Major League Baseball. Adam Silver directly quoted racial tensions regarding Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. Ahmaud was murdered earlier this year on February 23rd. He was jogging through his South Georgian Neighborhood when an Armed White Man gunned down Ahmaud.

Another murder of an innocent African American Male was seen on March 13th of this year, where Police Officers gunned down this Emergency Medical Worker named Breonna Taylor. He was on-scene for a COVID-19 Response Call when law enforcement implemented a Narcotics Search Warrant. It should be noted that Breonna Taylor was in an EMS Uniform & an ambulance was outside already on scene.

Silver’s Remarks

This memo didn’t relate towards Adam Silver, demanding that his employed personnel remain committed to MLB during this period. He instead stood by those who fought alongside African Americans over the weekend. Adam respected that these individuals spoke out towards justice, demanding that meaningful change occurs across the United States. Silver did note that resulting in violence won’t implement their desired change, that proper politics and legislation can create a better future for everyone. It’s not known how Adam Silver will internally handle possible fallout of employed personnel fighting on this matter. Termination could be possible.


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