Netflix Releasing Documentary on Aaron Hernandez


December 22, 2019



The Netflix Corporation, one of the most important streaming services maintained worldwide, has released its first trailer for a new documentary centred around true crime. This series is based around Aaron Hernandez, a former player with the National Football League. It will be centred around his murder conviction and inevitable suicide. Most have forgotten, but Hernandez was arrested and found guilty for killing Odin Lloyd in 2015. Two years after the sentence, the former tight end on the New England Patriots passed on to the other side via suicide.

He had hung himself with a bedsheet, which came after being a troubling figure for numerous years. However, the attorney for Hernandez has expressed in this documentary series that this star was happy in his final days. The documentary series is slated to be released on January 15th, with it having inside audio from the event and transpiring case. This should be one of the most riveting documentaries in 2020.

Previous Reports

When Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in 2017, numerous individuals came to his defence. Entertainment News interviewed with the fiancé of Hernandez, where she cast doubt on his actual cause of death. The medical examiner had confirmed that he had been a suicide, but she believes that fellow inmates had murdered him. The details of her allegations will be reviewed during the documentary. It should be noted that his suicide note doesn’t follow the John 3:16 marking that he was living his new life by. However, he was serving a prison sentence for life without the option of parole. All chances of him returning to the playboy lifestyle were diminished, which could have altered his way of thinking and prompted the suicide.

Aaron Hernandez quickly grew to become one of the most significant players with the New England Patriots. He was a part of the team that saw Rob Gronkowski as head coach, where they created one of the strongest teams in the National Football Leagues history. His second professional season saw him pass more than 910 yards with 79 passes, including several touchdowns. He was one of the critical factors towards the Patriots winning the Superbowl, where he would be rewarded with a renewed $40 million contract. However, this all ended when Hernandez murdered his sister’s fiancé for physical abuse. It will be interesting to see how Netflix honours this legend. Who for many, committed an act of vengeance to protect his sister.


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