Ohio State Athletes Required to Sign Waiver

The United States of America has shifted their policies regarding the novel coronavirus. Citizens have been permitted to resume normal lifestyles, with that extending towards sporting associations on all levels. State Schools have begun relaunching their football programs, with Ohio requiring an additional level of verification on behalf of athletes. These individuals are required to sign waivers before their participation in training will be approved.

This waiver recognized the health risk associated with COVID-19, that these athletes could lose their lives & that family members couldn’t promptly sue the institution for personal benefit. Waiver details also recognized that athletes must obey strict protocols, possibly facing termination from the school. Key statements indicate that this institution is taking any responsibility regarding the safety of these men & women.

No other State in America has implemented these measures, resulting in considerable backlash amongst the athletes & parents. Most are threatening not to sign this waiver & seek legal justice for the ignorance of the Ohio State Sports Commission. If Ohio Athletes didn’t sign this waiver, then schools across the region couldn’t relaunch their sporting programs & would continue to lose an influx of finances.

Unlike professional leagues that can acquire new athletes within hours, College & University Programs have limited selection within their schools. This creates systemic issues for the Ohio State Sports Commission, meaning they’ll have to backdown & understand that their responsible for the associated risks of COVID-19. Students shouldn’t have to protect leaders; it should be the other way around.

Reporters attended the Woody Hayes Athletic Centre, and Schumacher Complex in Ohio. Photographs taken showed that there was minimal presence of athletes. After less than an hour of other competitors showing up to these facilities, footballers left their training camps & returned home. Inside sources claim that Ohio State Universities & Colleges are now threatening to cancel scholarships for these athletes, which is illegal under the current conditions.


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