Peru Reopens for American Tourists


November 9, 2020



International tourism has slowly begun reopening in multiple nations, with their respective hospitality industries suffering too severe degrees & prompting financial losses that cannot be sustained any longer. Though tourist volumes are down substantially with most still concerned over Covid-19, these nations aren’t hesitating to reopen their tourism industries.

The latest country to permit international tourists in Peru. However, a multitude of safety measures has been created to guarantee that infection isn’t spread. The most prominent requirement for travellers is to provide a PCR-Covid Test with a negative result, which must have been ascertained within 72-Hours before departure. It’s a similar requirement that’s been implemented in most nations reopening for international tourism, including Jamaica & Ecuador.

PCR-Covid Tests aren’t the exclusive protocols implemented by the Peruvian Government. Measures state that tourists must depart for Peru on a “Non-Stop Flight” without any connecting hubs. Few cities in the United States are permitting that option to date. However, it’s expected that Chicago O’Hare & John F. Kennedy Airport will offer non-stop flights starting December. It’d mark the first instance of an American commercial jetliner entering Peruvian airspace since March 2020. That’s the month when Covid-19 spread rapidly throughout Latin America, with nations like Mexico still struggling to overcome the coronavirus.

Marking the resumption of international tourism saw the “Peruvian Minister of Tourism” visit Machu Picchu. It was the Minister’s formal way of reintroducing the iconic world heritage site to thousands worldwide. Jose Koechlin spent his time at Machu Picchu in the Inkattera Pueblo hotel, where before ending his press statements, would mention that Peru can now see the end of this pandemic.

Smaller Tourism Capacity

Additional details defining the resumption of Peruvian tourism include 25% capacity at national historic sites like Machu Picchu. That small percentage is better than zero and marks the formal return of tourism for healthcare experts to review. New methods for eliminating Covid transmission will be implemented by scientifically overseeing tourists that arrive at Machu Picchu & other notable locations across Peru. What has initially been a catastrophic period for Peru could turn into an influential time of growth. Readers can expect tourism campaigns from the Peruvian Government before Summer 2021.


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