Public Events Cancelled in Calgary

The closure of public events until June 30th for Calgary has prompted significant issues for the Canadian Football League and National Hockey League. It’ll force them to find temporary homes until the closure period is completed. This follows after tournaments and leagues worldwide have been postponed or cancelled amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Alberta has become significantly concerned with the virus, having more than one thousand infected. Local politicians were forced to reconsider province-wide closures, ensuring that the spread of infection could be curved.

Naheed Nenshi, the Mayor of Calgary, spoke to reporters on his informed decision. He mentioned that even if COVID-19 has become to dwindle during the summer months, medical experts don’t believe it’s the best decision to have 35+ thousand citizens in one location. This could prompt an entirely new pandemic within the Calgary region, which could quickly spread worldwide in similar fashions to Wuhan. Naheed Nenshi is doing everything possible on his end to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Wrong Perspectives

The perspective of public health must be altered throughout North America. Citizens must stop believing ridiculous theories like 5G Telecommunications created the coronavirus. A wireless signal can’t place deadly viruses and germs into your body. There are also those thinking this is a government conspiracy and are unwilling to engage with any form of society until a vaccine is created. Similar issues have been seen throughout the Calgary region, meaning there are individuals most likely asymptomatic that doesn’t believe in Self-Isolation or Sanitation. These wrong perspectives must be eliminated if citizens across North America want to resume normalcy to life.

The National Hockey League was shocked by Calgary’s Mayor making this announcement. Regular season matches were terminated on March 12th and expected to resume by Mid-May. That won’t be possible for the Calgary Flames, who’ll have to find a new stadium outside this region. Considering that similar measures of self-isolation are expected across Canada, this new stadium would be listed in the United States. During their 75th year as an NHL organization, the Calgary Flames will be changing numerous aspects of their operational activities.


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