Serie A Restarting Between June 13th to 20th

Football leagues worldwide are looking to resume their respective seasons after German Bundesliga proved successful. Spain announced that La Liga would return for June 6th. Hours later it would be revealed by Italy’s Sports Minister that Serie A will continue on June 12th to 20th. Postponements were imposed onto the Serie A-League after the COVID-19 virus had an outbreak across Spain. They haven’t actively competed against another opposing force since March 2020. It’s leading some analysts to wonder if athletes like Lionel Messi the skillsets will have required to play professionally after a prolonged period away.

Even though the Italian Sports Minister announced that Serie A could resume between June 12th to 20th, players have the right to deny playing for their safety. No official member of Serie A has provided insight onto when the official 1st match will be performed, and which athletes have refused to compete.

The La Liga Champions is Juventus, who confirmed that Series A shouldn’t restart. Though they’d love to compete for the 1st time since June, emergency rooms are still experiencing an influx of infected patients. The average daily total of infected in Spain is minimal. Juventus wants to avoid any possible damage to Warner Brothers or HBO Max by making this purchase.

Social Distancing

Serie A must implement specific social distancing measure that will protect their players. This could include players having to wear specially formatted face masks meant for athletes. It would support better airflow and enable competitors to maintain their stamina. However, all products of this nature are currently in the development stages.

Product release dates aren’t slated until Spring 2021. It’ll be nearly impossible for Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga, and Italy’s Serie A to guarantee their players safety. Expect an influx of confirmed infections amongst on-site personnel, coaching staff, and professional footballers.


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