Survey Finds One in Four Americans Plan on Traveling in 2020


August 17, 2020



The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit since the coronavirus saw global travel restrictions put in place to help reduce transmission of the virus. Multiple airlines were left to manage their fleet at various storage locations throughout the world, with the cost to do so running into the billions.

As restrictions are slowly lifted, travel is slowly increasing, however, far from what was hoped. The news of increased flights being offered by the airlines has been seen as positive news, especially in America, where a recent survey indicates that as many as one in four plans to travel in the coming year.

The recent survey showed that those willing to travel are directly correlated with age. Those in the older category responded based on an estimation when they would travel, while those in the younger age category were more specific.  Furthermore, the older category showed that 31% of those over the age of 55 were unable to provide a timeframe as to when they would travel again. Yet, 25% of those that responded said they had travel plans within the next three months.

Survey questions mode of travel

The survey included questions on which mode of transportation they planned to use, 65% responded that air was their prime choice, while 28% planned on travelling by car and 5% planned on going on a cruise. Among the 65% who responded they planned on flying, 36% planned on domestic travel, and those that planned on going abroad, most responded they were looking at destinations such as Mexico or the Caribbean.

The Director of Marketing and Communications for Allianz Partners USA, Daniel Durazo, stated: “Our survey has found that our customers are eagerly awaiting the day that they can resume travelling to their favourite destinations. While our customers plan to enjoy domestic trips now and in the near future, international trips will be on many a wish list in 2021. In fact, the majority of our customers who say they don’t plan to travel this year have indicated that their next trip will be to an international destination.”

While most companies offering insurance do not cover such incidents as a pandemic, Allianz is one of the few who have adjusted their policies to include trip cancellation, interruptions and medical emergencies. Further, the company has approved refunds of travel insurance premium for those customers who had purchased it and were then forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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