The UK Adds Turkey and Poland to Quarantine List


October 5, 2020



The United Kingdom Government announced that tourists arriving from Poland or Turkey would be forced into fourteen days of quarantine. It follows after Public Health England determined that both nations had concerning coronavirus infections. Criticism has been evoked towards the PHE, with England having higher cases than Poland. The government’s decision comes days after announcing that travellers from Portugal, Greece, France, and Spain would also require fourteen days of quarantine. For those wanting to travel during the holidays in Great Britain, few viable options are permitted.

Governments standing alongside the Polish and Turkish communities have responded to Great Britain’s decision. It’s known that Saint Eustatius & Saba have terminated British travellers from entering their border. Most Caribbean nations have implemented a ban on the British, Irish, and Scottish. These bans aren’t malicious, with the UK’s quarantine effect in Poland & Turkey also not vindictive. Governments are having to implement extensive caution with international travel, ensuring that civilian personnel don’t return home with the virus & cause additional outbreaks. The issue is severe, with breachers receiving prominent fines from the UK Government.

Penalties throughout the United Kingdom were initially minor, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson hoping that civilians in Great Britain & Ireland would honour social distancing requirements. Throughout the last eight months, it’s become clear that selfish individuals won’t abide by COVID regulations. Fines surrounding offenders have justly increased from £1,000.00 to £10,000.00 with the recent quarantine list additions. Those that disobey the fourteen-day quarantine protocols upon their return home from Portugal, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey, and Poland will be fined £10,000.00.

The Consequences

Numerous factors are accounted for when determining if any nation should be removed from the “Exemption List” and readded to the “Quarantine List”. International governments understand that eliminating an entire country of tourists is detrimental to the global tourism market. However, terminating outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus has become more costly than removing tourism. Corporations operating in this space are having to face an onslaught of financial losses, with returning gains not slated to arrive until 2022 or later. Expect the tourism industry to forever be different during the Post-COVID Era.


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