Toronto Blue Jays Locate New Homefield in Buffalo

The Major League Baseball 2020 Season began on July 23rd, and one outfit looked to have possibly not located a home arena for upcoming matches. The team is the Toronto Blue Jays, who received two denials before announcing that they’ll be competing in Buffalo for 2020. This follows after the Canadian Government refused to allow the Blue Jays to compete at the Rogers Arena in Toronto, with additional denials coming from Pennsylvania & Pittsburgh. Obtaining permission to compete at the Sahlen Field in Buffalo, which is commonly associated with Minor League Baseball, proved itself a saving grace for the Blue Jays.

The Toronto Blue Jays will continue to hold delegations with the Canadian Government, hoping to receive permission to compete at the Rogers Arena inevitably. That’ll be dependant on border negotiations between the United States & Canada, which remain in postponement following an additional delay until Mid-August. Coronavirus cases nationwide in America would also have to be lowered drastically for consideration. Under this premise, it’s unlikely that the Blue Jays will compete in their home city for the 2020 MLB Season.

Multiple discussions were held with additional fields after the Canadian Government denied the Blue Jays access to their Rogers Centre. These discussions extended beyond Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania. Blue Jays personnel also maintained delegations to access Camden Yards, which is typically managed by the Minor League’s Baltimore Orioles.

Why Buffalo was Selected

Considering that their 1st seasonal game is July 29th, the Blue Jays couldn’t wait a prolonged period for Baltimore to finalize their discussion in State Congress. It prompted the selection of Buffalo, with details clarified by the Blue Jay’s President Mark Shapiro. He suggested that risks associated with waiting on Baltimore politicians would’ve put their seasonal launch in question. Shapiro also recognized that Buffalo was the best selection, with it the closest state to Toronto.

Mark Shapiro’s Blue Jays will now compete against the Washington Nationals on July 29th and 30th. Their matches are being played in Tampa Bay until “Major League Modifications” can be implemented at Sahlen Field. It’s suspected that Toronto will start at Sahlen Field anywhere between July 31st and August 11th.


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